About the Team


The Green MacHHHHine, team 3129A, is a robotics team made up of high school students from three different schools.  We compete in a league known as VEX.  Every year, we build a robot to complete a challenge that the VEX Robotics competition puts forth.  We compete at multiple local tournaments each year.

Our team is composed of six student members and five adult mentors.  Our team members are:
• Hannah
• Harrison
• Leland
• Seraphine
• Timmy
• Robbie (Team Captain)

Our mentors are:
• Erik - professional mechanical engineer
• Irv - university teacher and software engineer
• Jamie - Santa Clara University student, team alumnus, and team cofounder
• Miles - professional software engineer


We're currently working on our robot for the 2013-14 VEX Competition, Toss Up!  We'll update you on our progress throughout the season!