Community Service

The Green MacHHHHine team considers it essential to spend time giving back to the local community.  We have demonstrated our robot at a robotics company, a college, a local assisted living facility, the Mountain View Spring Family Parade, a preschool, and in two assemblies at a local elementary school.  In addition, we taught a course about robotics to a troop of second-grade Girl Scouts.  We taught them about the concept of a "wheel and axle" simple machine, let them drive our robot, and had them build a drive base out of lego pieces!

Teaching the Girl Scout Troop

We had the Girl Scouts draw pictures of things that have wheels and axles. You can see their drawings here.
Here are a couple of thank you letters that they wrote to us.

Robotics Company Demo


Demo at Assisted Living Facility


College Demo


Mountain View Spring Family Parade


Preschool Demo


Here is one of the thank you letters that the preschoolers wrote.

Elementary School Assembly #1


Elementary School Assembly #2

Here are some thank you letters that the fourth graders wrote to our team.

High School Robotics Class Demo


Mountain view Public Library Demo


Elementary School Assembly #3