2012-2013 Season

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Team Photo

Here is an album of photos from this season.

This year, our team competed at three local tournaments, playing the game, "Sack Attack" (you can see an animation explaining the game here).  The first competition was in San Ramon, California, the second one was in San Jose, California, and the third was in Tracy, California.  At the first tournament, we seeded sixth and made it all the way to the finals!  Also, we won the Excellence Award at the tournament!  Here is the official description of the Excellence Award:

"This is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in building a well-rounded VEX robotics program.  This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of dedication, devotion, hard work and teamwork.  As a strong contender in numerous award categories, this team deserves to be recognized for building a quality robot and a “team” committed to quality in everything that they do."

At the second tournament, we seeded sixth out of 54 teams and captained our alliance to the quarterfinals!

At the third tournament, we seeded 17th out of 66 teams and made it to the quarterfinals!

With that, our team earned an invitation to compete at the VEX Robotics World Championships which took place in Anaheim, California.  We competed there along with about 700 other top teams from around the world.  With a record of 8-2 in the qualifying rounds, we seeded seventh out of 84 teams in the Science division, and captained the sixth seed alliance to the quarterfinals (allied with teams 2323Z and 1045A).  Also, we won the Excellence Award for our division!  This means that the judges ranked us as the overall top team in the Science Division!  We are very proud to have won the top honors!


Here's a video of our team competing at the world championships:

In addition, our team competed in multiple online challenges. Here is the game animation we made with Lego stopmotion - "Tower Terror":

Also, here is our Promote video for this year:

And finally, a video of some of our members speed building our robot from this year:

Here are some important events for our team during the 2012-2013 season:

4/22/13: The Green MacHHHHine is back from the World Championships!  We captained the sixth-seed alliance to the quarterfinals and won the Divisional Excellence Award in the Science Division!

4/14/13: The Green MacHHHHine reveals their Sack Attack robot:

3/2/13: We attended a tournament in Tracy, California.  We seeded 17th out of 66 teams and made it to the quarterfinals!

12/15/12:  We attended a tournament in San Jose, California.  We seeded eighth out of 54 teams and captained the sixth seeded alliance into the quarterfinals!

10/27/12:  We attended a tournament in San Ramon, California, and won the Excellence Award!